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Cocoa Village Vendors & Artists

As of June 1st, there will be studio space available for artists, creatives and small business owners for class space and retail. Please fill out the inquiry form and we will get back to you with an application. This is a commission based opportunity in a community oriented space that blooms creativity. We are strictly community over competition and can’t wait to see what we can grow together.

We will also begin Tea Time Happy Hour with daily happy hours themed to specific communities. An example of this: the first Monday each month is a mental health meet up (TBD). Other examples are: small business owners, new moms, LQBTQIA, chronic illness meet ups. There will be a complimentary tea of the day offered with a two hour window for like-minded individuals to meet up. This essentially creates mini sub communities and links people together. We are also looking for individuals who want to lead a monthly meet up. This takes commitment and time and is volunteer but can be shared between individuals or a group/nonprofit, etc. Please inquire the same as above and fill out the contact form if you are interested in leading a group once a month. I can also help walk any individual through this process if they need help getting started.

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Photo by Lucas George Wendt on Pexels.com

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