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Sugar – The Silent Killer and a Low Glycemic List of Foods Best For You

What really happens when you consistently consume high amounts of sugar?

Eat Me, Sweet Tooth

Dairy Free Birthday Brunch French Toast

This may not be the healthiest of our Sunday brunch in bed, but it sure is delicious! It is pretty easy to whip up. Grab a bowl and throw in an egg, which if you are wanting to go vegan then you can skip the egg and add some banana. I also use¬†Almond Breeze¬†unsweetened vanilla… Continue reading Dairy Free Birthday Brunch French Toast

Eat Me, Sweet Tooth

Vegan Pistachio Ice Cream

I could not take it anymore! I miss ice cream and I refuse to eat any of the very few selections of dairy free ice cream available, because they are loaded with sugar. Well, guess what? I made my own! My mom got me a $5 old school ice cream maker from the thrift store… Continue reading Vegan Pistachio Ice Cream