Apocalypse 8oz CBD Candle


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This soy wax candle is infused with CBD, sage, & peppermint essential oils. There are no garbage ingredients that will burn off into the air for you to breathe. The candle has activated charcoal, obsidian stones, white sage, and rose petals. 

I put my intentions into the candle while shaking my head at the chaos of the world. I manifested that this candle will protect you from the dumb shits that exists. Since there is not enough sage in the world to cleanse the negativity from this planet’s soul, this candle will do. This intuitively manifested sacred candle shall light a ceremonious and energizing balance into your righteous vibe, giving you zero fucks to give. It may also mask the farts in the room, depending on how strong the fart is. 

Please don’t leave candles unattended while lit. Don’t place it near other objects, besides your manifestation and intentions. It is a flame; it can catch things on fire, so use caution. 

Warning: murder and cold case crime podcasts (such as Crime Junkie) may or may not have been listened to while creating this candle. 


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