Third Eye Loose Herbal Tea Blend – Blu to Purple


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This beautiful herbal tea blend is to inspire imagination, intuition, and inner guidance while keeping your mind sharp, open, and focused. You can squeeze lemon on ice and watch the tea change as you pour, from blue to purple! 

Eyebright: European native herb that is used for eye support and sinuses. Greek mythology suggests the herb brings delight to the eyes of mere mortals. It is naturally bittern helps with inflammation. 

Honeybush Vanilla: This rich earthy herb comes from South Africa with a vanilla aroma and natural antioxidants. It helps with immune support that is also calming and relaxing. 

Passionflower: Passionflower is promoted to soothe anxiety, sleep disorders, ADHD, and pain. It is native to the West Indies and South America. 

Mugwort: Native to asia and Europe, Mugwort is known for dreaming. The herb has been said to enhance dream recall and lucid dreams. It also helps with digestive issues. 

Jasmine: Jasmine tea can help with inflammation and has antioxidants. It promotes beautiful, healthy skin while boosting your immune system. 

Butterfly Pea Flower: The natural blue pigment in the tea comes from butterfly pea flowers. It is said to be a mood enhancer and reduces anxiety, refreshing the brain and keeping you happy, focused, and energized. Originally from Southeast Asia, this flower can also help with collagen production.

*Legal disclaimer: This herbal tea blend is not meant to replace medical care. Always consult with your physician.



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