Garden of Blu – Memoir



Garden of Blu – Some Flowers Bloom In the Dark

A memoir about being lost in the dark, living with depression and chronic illness while discovering self worth.

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Garden of Blu is a memoir about being lost in the dark, living with chronic illness, grief, and depression while discovering self-worth and growing through it all. There is a moment in life where we can make the decision to break generational patterns and bloom, despite circumstances and roots.
Misti Blu was born with multiple invisible illnesses, which went undiagnosed for most of her life. While struggling with major depressive disorder and PTSD, she was a young mother to her three children. Life was all about trying to survive instead of thriving, with many hopeless days and not feeling good enough. One day she stood in front of the mirror, heartbroken over who she had become. Her focus shifted to self-healing and learning to love herself. She ditched the booze, set goals, and reevaluated her relationships and perspective while navigating through grief and trauma. Some flowers bloom in the dark. Misti shares her vulnerable story and collective writing (starting at the age of 15), hoping to shed light on mental health, self-care, chronic illness, loss, and trauma.


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