White Sands Buddhist Center in Mims, FL

White Sands Buddhist Center (WSBC) is a Buddhist Temple located in Mims, Florida. The Monastery services, tours, gift shop hours may vary at this time but the grounds are open to the public from sun up to sunset. On WSBC’s website, you can learn a little bit about their mission. “Happiness is a goal that we all share in life. While each of us may have a different view of what would make us happy, the “core of happiness” is the same in each one of us.”

Not many people know about this beautiful hidden gem and hopefully it can bring peace during this stressful time. Getting some sunshine (vitamin D) and experiencing nature is important to include while feeling “locked up” during quarantine, or stressed from the world we live in. As a whole, we are experiencing something that none of us have experienced in our
lifetime, as well as civil unrest. There are local treasures that we can explore here on the Space Coast.

Though we may be limited to what we can do and where we can go, I urge everyone to find a little piece of nature here and there.

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