Thrive Tape Kinesiology Joint Pain Support

Thrive Tape “Far Infrared” Kinesiology Tape helps support muscles and joints while also targeting pain and recovery in most injuries.

This tape is for everyone. Not only is it great for athletic people but it is also used often for people with connective tissue disorders, like myself. Many people who are neither chronic warriors nor training athletes can also benefit from this kinesio tape. Whether chronic or acute, many people experience pain from sore muscles, have previous injuries or just need a little extra support to prevent a strain.

It’s very simple to use! I keep a roll at home and a roll in my car. There is also a small pamphlet for instructions and visuals on common injuries or painful areas.

  • First, cut the tape to desired length.

  • Second, fold evenly and round the edges.

  • Peel the tape off

  • Place the tape in the desired area

You can wear and customize the tape for any area. This makes it much easier that purchasing several braces for multiple joints that you end up losing or getting dirty.

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