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(Episode ) Red Is 4 Years Clean: Her Story

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“It’s much deeper than that. By that, I mean it’s biochemical, it’s deep in your brain, it’s the chemistry of your brain. Now, the environment plays a pretty big role in whether someone becomes an addict, but the problem at some level is your brain. The genes of your brain that you’re dealt.” -Bill Nye (Netflix: Bill Nye Saves The World, Season 2 – The Addiction Episode)

Misti and Red talk about the opioid epidemic. Red is over 4 years clean and shares her struggles, motivation, and story about navigating through addiction to sobriety.

*We mention a class we took in this episode. It was a free class on Narcan by retired firefighter Luis Garcia, who has an amazing organization that educates the importance of Narcan, myths, science, and implications during the opioid crisis. (His FB link)

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