The Tiniest Warrior Interview

  Guest: Mariah Almerez (The Tiniest Warrior) “The Tiniest Warrior” Mariah Almerez is an Artist and Yogi residing in Florida. The Tiniest Warrior offers a selective range of holistic beauty and wellness services & Products. Links: http://www.thetiniestwarrior.com Email: almerez.mariah@gmail.com IG: @tinnywarriorhenna @thetiniestwarrior Listen to the Podcast: iTunes: Link Podcast: Link

Body and Beauty, Unveiling Invisible Illnesses

Yoga Newbie

One of my many goals for the new year is to stretch more. I am in severe pain every single day and last year I did absolutely ZERO exercising. It is a challenge to do any workouts due to my heart condition but I hate the idea of getting weak. One of my amazing Wildling… Continue reading Yoga Newbie