I crap. You crap. We all crap.

Dumping loads of information on digestion and how it affects our health.


What is Banana Bag Oral Solution?

Banana Bag Oral Solution uses and benefits


Hair Breakage, Hair Loss and Hair That Sucks

What causes hair loss and how to fix it

Eat Me

Nutrition In Healthcare 

Why do hospitals have prison grade nutrition for patients? Think about it. You are sick and vulnerable and trying to get healthy and they load you up with sugar, salts, preservatives and basically nothing of nutritional value.  I am in the hospital today and have a dairy allergy and as usual get a tray full… Continue reading Nutrition In Healthcare 


What is normal?

Throughout my entire life, I have been living with chronic ailments. I remember being in  grade school screaming in pain from stomach issues.  I remember when I was 7 years old, running around and my heart felt like it a hummingbird and I would get dizzy. The adults said that it was normal to have… Continue reading What is normal?