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Unveiling Invisible Illnesses

February Heart Awareness Month – My Heart Story

Valvular Heart Disease and Dysautonomia

Mental Health, Unveiling Invisible Illnesses

The Invisible Battle of Chronic Illness

Be kind. You never know what someone may be battling under that smile.

Unveiling Invisible Illnesses

Sleep Apnea

I remember when I was 16, telling a doctor that I stopped breathing in my sleep. “No. Not at your age. I don’t believe you.” For the last 5 months, I fought for a sleep study. I was denied because of my age and weight. After making several calls, hours on the phone on different… Continue reading Sleep Apnea


Ehlers Danlos Syndrome Awareness Month – You Don’t Look Sick

May is apparently everything awareness month, so today I chose to share a little bit about Ehlers Danlos Syndrome. In the medical field, doctors are trained that when they hear hooves that it is always a horse and never a zebra. The zebras in the world are standing up and wanting answers. We have been… Continue reading Ehlers Danlos Syndrome Awareness Month – You Don’t Look Sick

Unveiling Invisible Illnesses

How To Be There For Someone With A Chronic Illness

Understanding invisible illness and how to show support

Eat Me

Nutrition In Healthcare 

Why do hospitals have prison grade nutrition for patients? Think about it. You are sick and vulnerable and trying to get healthy and they load you up with sugar, salts, preservatives and basically nothing of nutritional value.  I am in the hospital today and have a dairy allergy and as usual get a tray full… Continue reading Nutrition In Healthcare 


America Hates Me

Soon, the president of the Divided States of America will be cutting almost a trillion dollars for Medicaid cuts. As I often hear about the complaint for our tax dollars being spent on helping people like me, I never hear any disgruntled comments about the rest of our federal tax spending. We are just shuffling money from… Continue reading America Hates Me