Unveiling Invisible Illnesses

I Believe You

Misdiagnosis and blatant dismissal is common and can break people down over time.

Body and Beauty, Unveiling Invisible Illnesses

Unveiling Invisible Illnesses – War Paint

I always try to smooth my hair and conceal my tired eyes. I always dust on a peachy pink blush and a fun lip color, regardless of how I feel. This is the mask of an invisible illness warrior. Occasionally, there are days that I struggle to even lift a limb to put on my… Continue reading Unveiling Invisible Illnesses – War Paint

Unveiling Invisible Illnesses

How To Be There For Someone With A Chronic Illness

Understanding invisible illness and how to show support


To DNA or not to DNA? 

I think everyone, early on in life, should have their DNA tested.  1) This would allow for so much information on genetic diseases and linking DNA to specific changes in chromosomes, genes and proteins to rule out conditions and see what people are genetically predisposed to.  2) People would not have to struggle with misdiagnosis… Continue reading To DNA or not to DNA?