Health, Mental Health, Unveiling Invisible Illnesses

Waking Up in Pain

What it is like to wake up with chronic pain

Unveiling Invisible Illnesses

February Heart Awareness Month – My Heart Story

Valvular Heart Disease and Dysautonomia

Eat Me

Energy Sprinkles, Healing Sprinkles and My Health Story

Blends to add to your morning juice or smoothie

Mental Health, Unveiling Invisible Illnesses

The Invisible Battle of Chronic Illness

Be kind. You never know what someone may be battling under that smile.

Health, Unveiling Invisible Illnesses

Invisible Illness – Dysautonomia Awareness at Local Emergency Rooms

It’s time to spread awareness to our local hospitals, ERs and doctors offices.

Unveiling Invisible Illnesses

Pacemaker Check

Despite not having insurance at the moment, I went to my pacemaker check (priorities) and found that 70% of the time, I am paced and have 7.5 years left on my pacemaker. The bad news is that on July 1st, around 4pm, I went into v tach, which can sometimes lead to cardiac arrest. The… Continue reading Pacemaker Check