Unveiling Invisible Illnesses

I Believe You

Misdiagnosis and blatant dismissal is common and can break people down over time.


I crap. You crap. We all crap.

Dumping loads of information on digestion and how it affects our health.


Hair Breakage, Hair Loss and Hair That Sucks

What causes hair loss and how to fix it


To DNA or not to DNA? 

I think everyone, early on in life, should have their DNA tested.  1) This would allow for so much information on genetic diseases and linking DNA to specific changes in chromosomes, genes and proteins to rule out conditions and see what people are genetically predisposed to.  2) People would not have to struggle with misdiagnosis… Continue reading To DNA or not to DNA? 

Eat Me

A Letter To The Restaurant Industry – From A “Picky” Eater

More than 50 million Americans have food allergies. Is it outrageous to suggest that restaurants should train their staff on food allergies and which menu items may contain certain ingredients? This job is not just about refilling someone's water or placing an order. Having standards for your employees to know what is in the salad on… Continue reading A Letter To The Restaurant Industry – From A “Picky” Eater

Eat Me

Nutrition In Healthcare 

Why do hospitals have prison grade nutrition for patients? Think about it. You are sick and vulnerable and trying to get healthy and they load you up with sugar, salts, preservatives and basically nothing of nutritional value.  I am in the hospital today and have a dairy allergy and as usual get a tray full… Continue reading Nutrition In Healthcare 

Eat Me

Dairy Free Birthday Brunch French Toast

This may not be the healthiest of our Sunday brunch in bed, but it sure is delicious! It is pretty easy to whip up. Grab a bowl and throw in an egg, which if you are wanting to go vegan then you can skip the egg and add some banana. I also use Almond Breeze unsweetened vanilla… Continue reading Dairy Free Birthday Brunch French Toast

Eat Me

Vegan Pistachio Ice Cream

I could not take it anymore! I miss ice cream and I refuse to eat any of the very few selections of dairy free ice cream available, because they are loaded with sugar. Well, guess what? I made my own! My mom got me a $5 old school ice cream maker from the thrift store… Continue reading Vegan Pistachio Ice Cream